About the photographer

H. Severin was born in 1966, lives and works in Hannover/Germany. He started taking digital photography in Paris and London in 2006. His first photographic focus was in areas of architecture and still life photography.  

Since 2010 he photographed almost exclusively in digital street photography, for some time again in analog photography. He describes himself as a self-taught amateur photographer.  

In June 2014 he visited Paris and published after his eBook Streets Of Paris. In September of the same year he presented the video Respect! - Street Photography, a collection of special impressions from Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover. 

In December 2015 he published his eBook SILHOUETTES - Street Photography.   

2016 he presented the project Food On Street as an ongoing series on the online photography magazine LensCulture. Some works are also published in an eBook.


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